Midasu - The Forgotten Japan Footage - Part Two: Arashi

published Mar 2015 - 2,900 views

A little over a year ago John Ware, Luke Tanaka and Karl Fostvedt went to Japan to ski. The trip was plagued with problems, and ended with a corrupted hard drive.
This season, Karl returned to Japan and came home with a backup drive that was forgotten there the year before.
This is episode two of three to be released for free online in the coming weeks.
"Episode Two: Arashi" takes us through the middle of the trip: several days of powder skiing and sessioning the famous avalanche barriers, as well as the struggles of several broken down rental vehicles,.
Skiing by John Ware and Karl Fostvedt. Filmed by Mike McLeod. Edited by Mike McLeod, AJ Dakoulas and John Ware.

Credit: ON3P Skis, Ware, Dakoulas, McLeod

Skier: Luke Tanaka, Karl Fostvedt, John Ware

Location: Japan



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