Under the Weather | Welcome to College | Episode 2.1

published Mar 2015 - 1,440 views

College... Ah the glory days. Following in the illustrious footsteps of 'Animal House', 'Van Wilder', and 'Piranhas 3D', the Under The Weather Boys have left behind the working life of season one in favor of greener, less responsible, and more alcohol riddled pastures. Splitting life between the libraries of Vancouver's top universities, Canada's greatest mountains, and the dark corners of Whistler's night life - not necessarily in equal amounts. With the first term of school ending and the Winter months rolling in the snow fails to materialize and the boys have to hustle every opportunity they can get to ski. But when exams finish the road begins to call and Essex Prescott, Dylan Siggers, Mikel Witlox, Brody McSkimming, Brian Goertzen, Jeremy Acland, Eliel Hindert, and Garret Knochenmus head out into the Fernie backcountry to find where the powder has gone - and where they parked their car. Filming By: Maurizio Von Flotow, Dylan Siggers (Burrlapz), Tim Saylor, and the riders Booze, Babes, and Backcountry | Under The Weather Season 2, Ep. 1

Credit: Calloused Media X Burrlapz

Skier: Essex Prescott, Dylan Siggers, and many more

Location: Whistler / Fernie , BC

Artist: Various

Music: Merrifield Records



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