Preseason Surfin At Timberline

published Feb 2015 - 1,731 views

Hi guys my names is Josh I found this camera in the woods with all these clips of guys riding down on these weird planks. I have never seen anything like this before but I feel like they should wear straw hats instead of helmets and maybe spice it up with some more flowers. I am planning on using more shots from this camera to keep all you members stoked. Enjoy - The Squid aka Squid King /// Riders; Ford Bennett;"FordoBennett", Willy Monje, DonnyBoy Coleman, Tom Davies;"xRAPHAELx", Paul Conroy, Paul R; "Paul." , Joey Vandermeer, Tucker Fitzsimons and the famous BadLuckBrian.

Credit: BeefiestExpert aka FilmerJashy

Location: Mahalo Volcano

Artist: Jackson 5

Music: ABC



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