Protest How To Freeski - Straight Air

published Feb 2015 - 814 views

Protest team rider Arnaud Rougier will explain you the basics of freeski. In this second episode of Protest How To Freeski it's time to hit your first kickers with a straight air. The basic air trick. To successfully learn the straight air you have to follow these steps: Start in the basic position when you approach the kicker. This means: - Bend your knees and ankles - Your feet are inline with your hips - The upper part of your body will stay straight - Keep you arms forward - Look forward Now get ready to hit the jump: - Make sure you have enough speed - When you arrive on the kicker, bend you knees - Slowly push vertically - Your extension has to start in the jump and end in the air - Once in the air, try to stay still - The upper part of your body will stay straight - Slowly bend your knees - Keep your arms forward, look forward and aim for the landing - The flexible you are, the better you will absorb the landing - Don?t hesitate to bend your knees and lean forward. You want to have your weight on the front part of your booths.

Credit: Protest Sportswear

Skier: Arnaud Rougier

Location: Val Thorens



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