trina's #sw vol. 5

published Jan 2015 - 33,296 views

spent the past couple days turnin casual laps with my homies in the molesquad, and started jumping again. lookout for GINUARY dropping soon from the molesquad. then GOODENOUGH invaded my suburban apartment and things got kinda weird. They are a really sketchy group of boys, all super hung. They didnt talk to me much when they were in my aprtment, mostly just talked to eachother about "bangin H" and "crushin fist." They kept calling me a "Gash" which i am not 100% sure on what that means, but i am 100% sure that its a compliment :) If I can help it I wont be hanging out with them much mroe. SRY NOT SRY, i shoulda been a sn8wboarder ig: @mole.squad, @trina_sig, @GOODENOUGHBGK


Skier: Trina, Sizzla, Breezy, Bittner, Chaboi, Rockmon

Location: Keystone A51

Playtime: 00:02:46

Artist: Travis Scott

Music: Don't Play



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