Edelweiss Park SnoPRK 2015 Run Through

published Jan 2015 - 738 views

Took a clean run through the Rockstar SnoPRK at Edelweiss Ski Resort and thought I would share it so you can see how awesomethe park is so far. I have been getting a seasons pass there for 7 years or so now and they always have the best park in the area.Not bad for mid Jan and I am sure they have a lot more planned. I hope you like the video, We had fun making it! More Great Video at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbq7JXfvNBpKW2xgm9P_zjw

Credit: Andy Stewart

Skier: Andy Stewart

Location: Edelweiss Rockstar SnoPRK

Artist: Gunnar Olsen

Music: Barge



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