Growing Pains - Episode One

published Dec 2014 - 1,559 views

Growing pains is a new web series, merging digital cinema, music, and skiing into one. The name Growing Pains evolved from our feelings about skiing and what it means to us. Were a group of young skiers from Tahoe looking for our chance to find out what skiing really is. Were growing out of the cliche world of skiing and creating our own styles and exploring new tricks. In comes the ?pain? part of the name, you can?t experience new things with a little bit of trouble on the way. From injures to broken equipment, it may be the ultimate reward, but you have to be ready to get your ass kicked. In the words of Andreas Fransson: ?When you leave what you know, you are widening the reality you live in and thus widening your own consciousness. If we feel safe everyday, we aren?t really living; We?re only repeating what we know. Living, for me, is expanding one?s own reality as far as possible.? Growing pains will take you from the park, streets, and mountains. Showing the process of this group's ability to expand reality. Enjoy! With support from: Sierra At Tahoe Mountainsmith Song: Clouds - Imagined Herbal Flows (

Credit: AJ Marino

Skier: Tribe

Location: Sierra at Tahoe, Northstar

Artist: Imagined Herbal Flows

Music: Clouds



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