4bi9 Media X Glidecam Industries// 2014 Reel

published Dec 2014 - 1,371 views

A short piece we put together for Glidecam Industries, Inc. throughout the 2014 season, highlighting some of their incredible products in use. We strongly recommend Glidecam stabilization devices for any aspiring or professional cinematographers.

Credit: 4bi9 Media/ Glidecam

Skier: Joss Christensen, Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney.

Location: Sarajevo Bosnia | Jahorina, Bosnia | Jackson, WY | SLC, UT | Uinta Mountains, UT | Whistler, BC.

Playtime: 00:01:41

Artist: Yusuke Tsutsumi

Music: "Prisoners from the North"



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