SMK Media Powder Montage

published Nov 2014 - 325 views

Here is a compilation of "Back Country Skiing" that I have captured over the years. I have done work for Level 1 Productions, Inspired Media, LAFA, D.O.S Media, and myself. Shots include a variety of cliff drops, powder face shots, pillow lines, back country jumps, tree taps, and tricks. Athletes include Matt Luczkow, Tanner Rainville, Cam McDermid, Whit Boucher, Ben Moxham, John Spriggs, Tony Seibert, Ahmet Dadalli, Benjamin Moisen, Sam Hurst, Weston Charlesworth, Ras Jacob, and friends...

Credit: SMK Media

Skier: Listed Above

Location: Colorado and Utah

Playtime: 00:06:24



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