JACOB BOYD - 2013/2014

published Nov 2014 - 1,275 views

Song: Girls with Accents - Fences The song used kind of describes how I feel about this last ski season. Being around a pretty girl (skiing everyday) is always nice, but if you're not sure what you're doing and don't commit to your goals and ideals, you end up unsatisfied. I had a damn good time and I appreciate everyone who helped me out, but next year is going to be beautiful feat after which my past will pale in comparison. Look out. Thanks to all those who filmed me: Jackpot Photo, Dylan Siggers, and my friend Jack who shared one hell of a March with me.

Credit: Jackpot photo, my buddy Jack, dylan siggers

Skier: Jacob Boyd

Location: Whistler, BC

Artist: Jacob Boyd

Music: Girls with accents - fences

Big Mountain


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