Spin Tape II

published Oct 2014 - 3,156 views

in full spirit i gotta thank everyone that helped me get this together. this season was especially tough for me coming off of 2 broken arms in a row, and breaking my leg at the end of the season. its been truly humbling considering I broke myself off skateboarding all those times, not even skiing. at 20 years old most people would think of me as a youngin. but im staring to feel old. I was able to save enough money over the summer to ship back out to coloardo. Working as much as my body would alow me while trying to heal my leg. Every night it felt like life was more unfair and my leg was breaking more with each step i took. through all the pain and confusion i still knew that i would return to skiing. Back in colorado i am more hyped than ever for winter. it will be my third season riding out here. just goin day to day wearing my ski boots as much as i can. I honestly dont know what im trying to do with myself at this point besides shred my life away.. i cant complain. its been so real. but when you give so much and get nothing back its like raking leaves in a hurricane. im still gonna rake them leaves though. fuck. i will always have so many hopes and dreams for the skiing i do. hope you enjoy watching. be ready for a movie im working on for the upcoming season. inspired by the cool things ive seen my friends do in my lifetime. PEACE

Credit: eli, luke, ben, wes, caplan,

Skier: spin dawg

Playtime: 00:04:05



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