"Ten Days." - Full edit by Airtime production

published Oct 2014 - 3,696 views

Airtime productions presents "Ten Days." I spent ten days during this winter trying to give a normal day rinding the park a new perspective. The film takes you through the season with cold foggy nights at Tryvann, slushy days at Geilo, stunning scenery at Mt. Hood and more! All coming together in a 10 minute edit. Take a look and see how a normal days cruising a park can take you by surprise. Featuring the skiing of Simen Gjelsvik. Also skiing: Hallvard Hovland Benjamin Forthun Siver Voll Jaren Stadler Simen Nygård Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Andreas Johannessen Sounddesign: Trond Hansen Thanks to: Icelantic - icelanticskis.com Nightrain - nightrain.us Media-partners: Fri Flyt - friflyt.no Downdays - freeski.downdays.eu An Airtime production - airtimeproductions.net

Credit: Andreas Johannessen

Skier: Simen Gjelsvik, Jaron Stadler, Benjamin Forthun

Location: Mt. Hood, Tryvann, Geilo

Artist: Sigur Ros, Seinabo Sey


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