Freshness by Revision Skis

published Aug 2014 - 2,428 views

At Revision Skis, our focus is on positive vibes and having as much fun as possible. We are a small, word of mouth company that is stoked on freestyle skiing and the creativity that it fosters. We make skis that we personally love to ride because we know our passion will translate to other skiers. The great thing about skiing is that everybody has their own style and we support skiers who are riding for the love of skiing and having good times with their friends. Ultimately, freestyle skiing is about having fun, doing things your own way and not being confined by rules and regulations. You don?t need a coach, a bunch of money, or even a mountain to have fun. All you need is a set of skis and a vision.

Credit: Edit by Mike Kvackay

Skier: Sandy/Ian/Mike/Sam/Tobias/Danny/Chris/Ty/Jake

Location: Various

Artist: The Doors

Music: LA Woman



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