Not This Year (Short Movie from Qc)

published Jul 2014 - 215 views

WARNING !!: This video does not contain any double, future spin or extra steeze but it shows well all the fun we have while shooting it and all the love we put in this sports. For those who wonder where the title came from here it is : At the beginning of the season I wasn't sure I was going to have time to shoot an another short movie between being a full-time student in physical therapy, coaching ski race and partying. So, I thought that ''Not This Year'' represented well my state of mind through the season. Enjoy and feel free to comment!!!

Credit: Raph Brochu

Skier: In the video

Location: Moose Park, Qc, St-Prosper,Qc and Sugarloaf Mtn, ME

Playtime: 00:09:57

Artist: Lorde, The Left and COB

Music: Tennis Court (Flume Remix), The Melody and Somebod



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