Sepp Morrison | SHOWREEL 2014

published May 2014 - 1,134 views

A couple years ago I started out on this film making journey, it doesn't seem like that long ago but when I look back and see the path that I have walked this far, I realize how much has changed. Over this time I have met some of the most incredible persons from the entire world, numbers are exactly that, numbers, but what really matters is interacting with people, hearing their story, making these people not just another number, a human, a human with a name, a story, and dreams just like me, I want you to know that you all affect me more then you will ever understand, and I thank you for sharing your stories with me just like I try to share my stories with you, if I am able to do what I love so much, videos, and help others along the way, then I have created something that matters, I've created art.



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