They See Me Trollin': Victory Lap

published May 2014 - 4,586 views

Steve has been too busy partying to make any Trollin' episodes. But why? After meeting one of his lifetime heroes and rediscovering his passion for skiing in Episode 2, Steve Stepp disappeared from public view. We at Saga Outerwear expected him to use this newfound motivation and momentum to push out more amazing ski videos. But after months and months went by with no contact we began to wonder "Where's Steve Been?". We finally tracked him down and were left speechless. Episode 3 features: Steve Stepp, John Kutcher, Tim McChesney, LJ Strenio, Niklas Eriksson, Tyler Barnes, Nicky keefer, Kelly Shaheen, Video by: Steve Stepp, Evan Heath, Mark Thalman, Andrew Napier, Jeremiah Paquette, Kelly Shaheen. @sagaouterwear @stevestepp @johnkutcher @timmcchesney @ljstrenio #theyseemetrollin #sagafam

Credit: Saga Outerwear, Steve Stepp

Skier: Steve Stepp, john Kutcher, Nicky Keefer,

Location: PCMR, Bear Mountain



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