When your skiing "first date" goes wrong...

published Mar 2014 - 1,438 views

Ever had a terrible first date where everything that could go wrong, did? Well that was what happened with my "first date" with the Uinta Mountains. I had done tons of planning and preparation, we had good snow, it was a bluebird. I had been excited for weeks. I finally got the chance to go out sledding and ski some backcountry lines that we had scouted out. We get to our first zone which was prime, and I was given a lift to the top. As amateurs often do, I picked the wrong line from the top...I thought I was going somewhere else. When I noticed, I had to cut over two ridges to get to the cliff I wanted to hit. I finally got there, hit the cliff, and landed perfectly in a windlip, breaking my ski. My day in the Uintas was over. Until next time, Uinta.

Skier: Price Foulger

Location: Uintas

Artist: Adele

Music: Crazy for you


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