iDahomiez "Buildin' Boards and Blastin' Pillows with Martin Campbell" | SO3 EP2

published Mar 2014 - 3,625 views

Pillowz for dayz, awesome fails, huge backflips, and home-made boards! Every snowboard Martin has shralped throughout his years of shred has been missing something... So, he decided to start building his own boards. After hours of research, he built his own ski and snowboard press in his parent's barn. Then he began the trial and error process of building the perfect ride. So far, Martin has built 8 boards, including one split board. From hitting chump bumps, to big lines, to endless pillows, Martin and his boards are shredding the rad!

Credit: Brandon Becker Martin Campbell

Skier: Brandon Becker and the iDahomiez

Location: iDaho

Playtime: 00:10:05

Artist: kinda

Music: Bueno



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