CENTER - A ski and snowboard documentary from the mid-county of Buskerud, Norway

published Feb 2014 - 720 views

In the middle of Buskerud, you will find three communes. Sigdal, Modum and Krødsherad that form the midcounty. Here has the new Olympic sport freestyle skiing and the slightly more traditional sport snowboarding bloomed in recent years. The winter of 2013/2014 started hard with little snow and a lot of mild weather. Then the youth of midcounty had to get up in the height and come up with something creative. See the talents performing tricks in a way you have never seen them before and head to the wonderful Haglebu where conditions were thankfully perfect in the end. You also get to see the foggy but great Norefjell where things did not go quite as planned.

Credit: Even Øverby, Marius Seierstad

Skier: Ola Bjølgerud, Hans Robin Høglund, Herman Slotte,

Location: Haglebu skisenter, Norefjell Skisenter

Music: Thank you, Yes please(1,3), Cloudsong(2)



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