"Deep Filth". Bottomless Pow in Japan!

published Jan 2014 - 2,111 views

Every year for the past 4 years I have been going to Niseko, Japan to ski. Every year we go for just under 3 weeks searching for that truly epic, deep powder day which Japan has to offer. Now, don't get me wrong, pretty much everyday we had powder snow, actually, EVERY day we had powder snow, but not as deep as the movies where the thought of bringing a snorkel along may be a wise idea. However this year... we scored! I normally only make one video of the trip but because of the snowfall in one day, I had so much GoPro footage I thought theres no point letting most of it go to waste so lets make an entire GoPro edit. Something I don't normally do. The day before we finished skiing around 3.30/4 and it was dumping! We went home had dinner, browsed the net, watched a movie, all the normal post skiing activities and then went to bed. We knew it was going to be another powder day but had no idea how deep it would be! As usual we were up at 7am and got the first bus to get us to the opening chair. As we were standing in line it was still hammering it down, probably at a rate of 5cm an hour, it was insane! The lifts opened at 11am where we were (there was some maintenance needed to be done on the lift) which gave us a bit of a scare that we made the wrong decision in mountain to go to. When it opened though... it was glorious! Neck deep powder all day and very few people! This video was actually shot the day after which was still super deep and untracked which just goes to show how much snow actually fell! Hope you enjoy my day of powder with my brother!

Credit: Robin Lee

Skier: Ben Lee, Robin Lee

Location: Japan

Artist: Johnny Cash

Music: (Ghost) Riders in the Sky



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