published Dec 2013 - 4,109 views

Skiing at Seven Springs has seriously evolved over the years. While you can still rips some great turns down The North Face or get some bumps in on the front face, our parks have become a proving ground for younger and younger talent. It seems like the locals have come a long way but we're pretty sure that they are just getting started. Seven Springs presents PROLOGUE, a recap of the 2012-2013 ski season and taste of what has yet to come...

Credit: Ian Macy, Chris Petricko, Jake Carlson

Skier: Justin Petricko, Dan Dougherty, Noah Killen, etc.

Location: Seven Springs, PA

Playtime: 00:05:27

Artist: Ulrich Schnauss

Music: "I Take Comfort in Your Ignorance (Tycho Remix)"



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