Ian Hamilton - You Got To Change

published Dec 2013 - 1,176 views

You may know Ian Hamilton as the guy from a small town in Montana who can be seen flipping, spinning, and sliding around the Salt Lake area terrain parks and Slopestyle contests on the regular.... well this is a side of Ian that the public is not as familiar with, a side of him that stems from his Montana up-bringing where a terrain park could not be found for hundreds of miles and people learn to ski on the mountains in their rawest form. Sometimes you have to take a break from the competition, take a break from the hard-pack snow and monsters of steel, sometimes "you got to change" and get back to the powder and features that mother nature so kindly provides for us.

Credit: Bobby Jahrig, Dillon Jenkins, Henry Hawkins

Skier: Ian Hamilton

Location: B.C./ Montana

Artist: Griz

Music: You Got To Change



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