Mathieu Bijasson - The Search Is Everything

published Nov 2013 - 78 views

« To me, last season represents my integration in the International Freeride scene with a FWT participation and a chance to shoot with PVS company. So it was a hectic winter. Competing at the FWT events has been difficult to manage in terms of pressure, the results were affected with many falls. Now I have a whole season to get my ticket to ride back and prove I deserve to be on the tour. On a filming aspect, PVS company has been really successful. This is the positive point of my season as I discovered a passion for shooting. The fact of finding myself in the nature with my friends looking for the best picture is my true happiness. The ?Live The Search? philosophy makes sense while shooting in backcountry. » Mathieu Bijasson.

Credit: Rip Curl

Skier: Mathieu Bijasson

Playtime: 00:03:37

Big Mountain


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