Yellowstone - Ep2: Deep Breathing

published Oct 2013 - 552 views

Watch episode 1 here: Watch episode 3 - Dropping next week In this second episode, skiers Morten Agersnap and Marcus Lantz together with cinematographer Klaus Elmer continue to explore the beautiful terrain around the Woody Creek Cabin situated close to Cooke City, Montana. After days filled with long hikes and plenty of well earned deep powder, they prepare themselves for an early rise. Armed with only headlamps and a fair sense of direction, they find their way back to the valley and continue even higher, towards the Zimmer Yurt situated at almost 2,800 meters above sea level (9,500 ft.). Enjoy and stay tuned for the final episode dropping soon.

Credit: Production - Klaus Elmer?Skiers - Marcus Lantz & M

Skier: Marcus Lantz & Morten Agersnap

Location: Yellowstone

Artist: Joseph & Robbie Basho

Music: Trick Bag & Rocky Moutain Raga



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