Clair De Lune - Full Movie

published Sep 2013 - 3,700 views

Through cold and storms, injuries and pain, we managed to make a short movie of what our winter was and our own and unique perception of freeski. Clair de lune is a summary of a whole season of working hard for nothing more than our passion. It was planned as a normal freeski movie, untill the day we realized we had no time as a crew of students to make a complete long movie. From this came the idea to make a short, but unique movie about the winter of the Twobees Media crew. We busted our asses off during the cold nights of winter to provide the best looking stunt shots. The crew was always willing to go hit urban and try over and over even if the past session went wrong. With determined skier full or resilience, we managed to get a few shots of the skiers doing what they do best the way they do it best. Sometimes our courage and determination would get a hit after two or three failed spots in a row, and then we would hit a bar and get our mind off skiing. Was there Pain, yes; injuries, of course; fun, depends; but it all summed up to something we are proud of. Clair de Lune.

Credit: TwoBees Media // William Binamé & Laurent Bilodea

Skier: Cédrik DP, Nicholas Chenard, Jessy Desjardins, Tho

Location: Streets of Quebec



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