published Mar 2013 - 2,239 views

"By no means is this edit supposed to highlight perfect skiing, competition tricks, the best of my abilities and I hope you're all alright with that. I wanted to make something to watch looking back that showcased my favorite aspects of my trips so far this year and some of the best times I've had with my friends. This edit is something that I made to commemorate the satisfaction of skiing and filming with friends, messing around, doing stupid tricks that make you laugh, and all the things that I have found to put a smile on my face. It's full of imperfections and good times and the skiing that I had the most fun doing. In the end isn't that what really matters? Thanks to everyone for all the support, It means the world to me." -AldenSpence

Credit: Garrett Jurach

Skier: AldenSpence/JArens/Spohr/N.Curry/KhaiKrepela

Location: Boreal, Brighton, Park City

Artist: Joy Division

Music: Ceremony



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