Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Three- Crab Wars

published Feb 2013 - 4,417 views

Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Three- Crab Wars After a fun time at boreal we decided to pack up and head south, with our first stop being Sierra At Tahoe and ending our ski trip at Mt High. Then skiing got too serious....So we got beachy. Follow us on Instagram @goodenoughbgk Featuring: Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Pete Arneson, Khai Krepela, Garrett Russell, Sean Mcgowan, Cooper Davidson, Jordan Spohr, Jon Susman, Brett Donnelly, and Aj Black. Filmed By: Garrett Jurach, Luis Rubio, Martin Rubio, Billy Durden Edited By: Garrett Jurach

Credit: Garrett Jurach

Skier: Good Enough Crew

Location: Boreal, Sierra at Tahoe, Mountain High

Artist: Phantom Planet,Dj Kool, Black Rebel MotorcycleClub

Music: California, Clear my throat, Beat the devils tatto



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