Reggae in Snowmass...Again.

published Feb 2013 - 1,113 views

Rasta Stevie bigs up The Wailers and Snowmass for hosting last years HEARTicle Reggae inna BLIZZARD. This year hopes to be even better. Catch the EASY STAR ALL-STARS in Snowmass this Saturday, February 16th 2013 for FREE at the base village. They will be performing "Dub Side of the Moon" the reggae tribute to the great Pink Floyd album. Last years reggae show by THE WAILERS was an amazing event on an amazing powder day. Skiers, boarders and reggae music lovers gathered to skank in a wild snow storm that made this HI-FI Concert unforgettable.

Credit: StumpFilms

Skier: Rasta Stevie, Easy Star All-Stars, Skanking Masses

Location: Snowmass Base Village, Colorado

Playtime: 00:01:17

Artist: The Wailers

Music: War / No More Trouble



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