JAPAN - Hokkaido Drift

published Jan 2013 - 116 views

After last year, coming back to Japan was a no brainer and this year was even better. After last year we did a bit more exploring and found some new zones and areas that we had never been before. We were in Niseko for just under 3 weeks and apart from one day when it rained, we got 15-25 cm of new snow everyday... it just didn't stop. I think we must of seen the sun no more than a handfull of times with only one bluebird day. As well as scoping new zones, we hopped on Black Diamond Tours' famous Mushroom tour twice where we drove around in a van finding avi barriers, pillows, steep lines (which are hard to find in Japan) and snow almost as deep as we are tall. Thanks to Gordy, Colin, Mitch, Hayden and Jordy from Back Diamond Tours for taking us out. As usual it was hard to find a balance between skiing and filming but we managed it and had an awesome time during our short trip. Hope you enjoy!

Credit: Robin Lee, Ben Lee, Hayden

Skier: Robin Lee, Ben Lee, Jamie Lee

Location: All over Hokkaido

Playtime: 00:03:04

Artist: Alt - J

Music: Tessalate



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