The Weak. (5) The End of the world.

published Dec 2012 - 10,743 views

Will there ever be another Weak? I guess we find out on Friday...This Weak Andy&Ross picked me up and headed to Nashoba Valley,MA for "The Tell a friend Tour". There we met up with fellow comrades such as Collin, Joe Joe and Ryan Dunfee. After turns were made both on snow and grass we entered the Van once again and set sail North to Sugarbush, VT and to say hello&EatPizza at the wonder Ski Rack. Big shout out to Ian Corredera and his 50/50 game. Hope you all had a good Weak, See you next Tuesday.

Skier: The Weaklings.

Location: Nashoba Valley,MA-Sugarbush,VT

Playtime: 00:04:59

Artist: Skeeter Davis&Greenday

Music: The End of the World-Having a Blast.



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