SOUVENIRS online release trailer

published Oct 2012 - 561 views

Featuring the skiing of Alex Beaulieu, JF Houle, Yan Bussières, Alex Bellemare, Jeremy Bellemare, Cedic TF, Hugo Blanchette, Lucas Gonthier, Frank GP, Kieran McVeigh, Jérome Vallée, Benoit Gendron, Dominic Laporte, Vincent Prévost, Nicholas Chenard, Richard Carle, Gabriel Boudreau, Félix Tremblay and even more, this flick is filled with mature and creative urban skiing that won't go unnoticed. Directed by: Nicolas Brassard Asselin / Camera by: Ludovic Lefebvre, Mathieu Vaudreuil, Nicolas Guy and Nicolas Brassard Asselin / Additional Camera: Paul Bergeron, Nicolas Bertrand, Liam McKinley, Jeffrey M Kohnstamm, Evan Heath and Jasper Newton / Graphic Design: Maxime Bédard, Jean-Sébastien Bisson, Anthony verge & Simon Potvin-Goulet / Motion Design & Color Grading: Simon Potvin-Goulet

Playtime: 00:01:23

Artist: Arcade Fire

Music: I used to wait



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