97ft C-rail Winch Session

published Aug 2012 - 794 views

Fast forward to 2:55 for my part / 6:54 for completed rail. I found this rail 6 years ago and at the time was not able to hit it due to its uphill runup. With Red Bulls help and access to their winches. We finally got this rail after trying once or twice a year, till this spring when I got it finally. We used a faster winch the last time at it and it really helped. (The chain wasn't on the end of the rail the week before when we scouted it.) UPDATE: The rail and park got plowed down this Summer for a revamped play structure (glad I got it when I did)

Credit: Red Bull / Alex Horner / Bill Hickey

Skier: Steve Janisch

Location: East Saint Paul, Minnesota



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