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published Jul 2012 - 643 views

Sor Above Sor Below Trailer. Something that can be related to skiing. This documentary is based on a young and inspired artist by the name of Shawn O'Rourke (S.O.R) and his metaphysical journey of putting paint to the canvas. In October of 2011, Shawn was commissioned by a childhood friend Chris Fiels to do a mural for his home on Grand Island. Shawn rises to the occasion and begins to paint a path to a bright future. As he goes through the strokes of everyday life, Shawn spills his heart and soul onto the canvas for the world to see. Many ask, what is the story behind this painting? Is this story something that only Shawn can tell? Or one that the eye of the beholder can grasp and reveal in there own perspective. For more infor, visit

Credit: Colton Wright

Artist: SOR

Music: Chris Russo



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