Situation Pictures - Shifty

published May 2012 - 480 views

Follow us Sorry! quality got way ruined after all the exporting and sound got a tiny bit unsynced. Despite a quite small jump, we had a good time and got tons shots #MakingAShiftFromSnowToSummerN'Sun Main Photography and editing: Stefan David Witts Additional Photography: Eirik Hommedal Mathias Brekke Mandelid Cast: Adem Kollen Brynjar Styve Eirik Hommedal Erik Tangenes Jon Olav Hope Jonas Blomågnes Marcus Helgesen Mathias Brekke Mandelid Oliver Zengler Jacobsen Olve Austefjord Paul Kabugo Robert Myklebusthaug Samuel Trå Sander Keedklang Tarjei Thomassen Thomas Bøthun Tord Eiken Øyvind Norheim Locations: Bergen Bordalsgjelet, Voss Voss Gymnas, Voss Myrkdalen, Voss Fjellandsby Mølstertunet

Playtime: 00:13:22



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