Cole Drexler 11/12 Park Footage.

published May 2012 - 9,958 views

It was a slow start to the season and I never really had a chance to hit any urban. However, the park scene was as good as ever and I took advantage of that. Here is my season edit. Filmed in Utah, Colorado, Whistler, and Midwestern 'Merica. Thanks to Line, Full Tilt, Electric, Causwell, Joystick, Yoke, and Coral Apparel. Filmed by Shane McFalls, Evan Heath, Max Hill, and Rob Heule. Edited by ME! Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy.

Skier: Cole Drexler

Playtime: 00:03:39

Music: Jay-Z - Primtime, Stevie Wonder - Uptight



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