Geneva Tramps Volume 1: Wednesdays in GVA

published May 2012 - 1,117 views

(So first off, you may have already seen it because it is a re-upload of our edit but onto our official channel!) That being said, this is the first of many trampolineits to come from 1245 Films, Straight from Geneva. THE CREW: Alex Salmona (purple/white), Alex Dobis (purple/blue), Bruno De Marignac (black/red), Mathieu Leitner (green/black), Laurent Rémy (blue/gray), Yan Rémy (black/yellow) and Elliot Bosshard (filmer/editor). Hope you enjoy!

Credit: Eliott Bosshard

Skier: The crew.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland.

Playtime: 00:03:22

Music: @ end of edit



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