MSP Presents Contour Moments - Episode 7

published May 2012 - 3,674 views

This week, MSP takes us back to Alaska - this time to the largely unexplored North Tordrillo Mountains. Here in episode 7 we get a firsthand look at the monstrous AK terrain through the eyes of Mark Abma, Richard Permin, and Cody Townsend. After arriving first by floatplane to the remote Winterlake Lodge, the heli-enabled crew besieged the massive peaks and pioneered several new lines throughout the range. The action that ensued speaks for itself! Only one more episode remaining in this season of MSP Presents: CONTOUR MOMENTS - be sure to visit us again in two weeks for the last big tease of MSP's upcoming 20th annual ski film, coming at ya in September 2012!

Credit: MSP Films

Skier: Mark Abma, Richard Permin, Cody Townsend

Location: Alaska



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