Herd Boyz Loiter Through Northstar

published Mar 2012 - 6,840 views

I got a ton of shots of everyone while filming Jed's NIKE Chosen Entry. This was the first weekend using my HPX250 and first time ever operating a Glidecam. I had to switch to a Canon 7D on the 3rd day because my arm got too sore from the weight of the HPX. Shots came out solid but I still need a ton of practice with the Glidecam. Also, motion tracking at 0:07 is a little off because I could only get one tracking point to stick in the foreground and had to use a point in the background (and I couldn't figure out how to get the corner pins from Mocha to sync all 5 layers together) Cinematography and Post: Billy Durden. Riding: Alex "Shugz" Dorszynski Andy McDowell Tim Sargent Justin Anderson Jed Kravitz

Credit: TheKollabProject: Billy Durden-Filming and Editing

Skier: McDowell, Shugz, Kravitz, Sargent, Anderson

Location: Northstar

Playtime: 00:03:33

Artist: Mobb Deep

Music: Dead Man Shoes



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