Gpsy Show "Les Mathématiques" | S01E01 | 22 March 2012

published Mar 2012 - 12,564 views

A young and talented team from Val d'Isère, France, GPSY Feelin has the ambition and the wishes to offer the public a unique style of freeski video inspired by the core milieu of skateboarding and snowboarding. The GPSY Feelin crew is presently recognised as the leader of an underground movement in Europe and for their first Inspired TV Show, the crew comes back on their last 5 years. They bring you a clear view of what they have accomplished, what inspired them and what has been done this season. A second episode is expected for the end of the season "Gpsy Day" but for now on, seat back and enjoy the first Inspired Euro Crew episode.

Playtime: 00:09:40



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