OldSchooler Edit

published Mar 2012 - 541 views

Wisconsin's winter this year was pretty much the worst winter we've had for a while. Kind of a bummer, but Rayce Ruffing and Sam Rivedal were still able to throw down some fancy tricks. Thanks everyone for an awesome season! Called it OldSchooler Edit because of the old school rap! Shot with a Canon T3i w/ Kit Lens (I hate the Kit Lens...)

Credit: Kevin Larson

Skier: Rayce Ruffing and Sam Rivedal (E_GOR)

Location: Video was mostly shot at Sunburst Ski Area in Kewaskum WI, but a little was shot at Highlands of Olympia, and Cascade Mtn, both in Wisconsin.

Playtime: 00:01:51

Music: Space Hoe's - Danger Doom



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