71 inches at Bridger

published Feb 2012 - 2,349 views

Old school video time! Back in 2002 I believe, Bridger Bowl managed to receive 71 inches of snow over the course of two days. I was still a young guy back then, but my brothers were almost through high school. Hearing of this legendary snow storm these two decided to drive down to catch this day of a lifetime, since the area had to be shut down due to there being too much snow. Needless to say it was an epic day for them. Last week on vacation from college, I stumbled across this gem of an edit, and decided it must be shown! They still brag about it to this day. Bastards.

Credit: My brothers for doing all of this.

Skier: Elliot and Gabe Jenko, Ryan Khun, and locals

Location: Bridger Bowl, MT

Playtime: 00:05:18

Artist: Dub pistols, Michael Franti, Queen

Music: You can probably figure it out.

Big Mountain


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