Chasing Light - Keystone Park Edit

published Feb 2012 - 1,408 views

As the world changes, eyes see things differently. Sometimes change is too subtle, like the way clouds move and change color. Other times they are too fast, like the minor elements of a unique style. As the weather shifts, light bends and refracts against the objects in its path. Between sled laps and chairlifts, Cody Cirillo and Mark Nowakiwsky spent the chasing light in Keystone's A-51 terrain park. Canon 7D. Tokina 11-16. Glidecam.

Credit: Tommy Joyce

Skier: Cody Cirillo, Mark Nowakiwsky

Location: Keystone

Playtime: 00:02:49

Artist: Ianborg

Music: I've Been Meaning



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