Hanke n' Felix - Episode TWO!!

published Feb 2012 - 195 views

TWO! Felix (me) did not get so many shots in this episode because he only filmed with us 2 out of 3 days, and the clips from the third day disapeard... we did run in to even more bad luck this weakend, my (Hanke) skis and boots where stolen by some asshole so I had to ride on rantal boots and borrow a pare of skis from a friend, that is why the skis looks short sometimes... PLEASE wright what you think about the episode and what we can do better for the next one! :) peace out //Hanke n' Felix Special thanks to: TRAINSPOTTERS! http://www.trainspotters.se/ http://www.randombastards.com/

Credit: Laban Ögren, Fredrik Corin

Skier: Hannes (hanke) Wallmark, Felix Jäder

Location: Hemavan and Tärnaby SWEDEN

Playtime: 00:03:32

Artist: trainspotters

Music: can't stop ft. CLEO



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