Mike Galdi- Short yet Productive season

published Feb 2012 - 616 views

About 6 months ago I was approached by Mr.Galdi to film his season edit, and I was more then enthused to do so. I was excited to have the chance to film a skier talented enough to throw huge tricks and wow people. Unfortunately, his season was cut short, and although we only had 3 days of filming, I was able to scrap together a solid 3 minutes of enjoyment. It only goes to show you that it didn't take much time for Galdi to throw down some sick tricks... Imagine what the season edit would've been like! I wish Mr.Galdi a speedy recovery, and maybe we will get that season edit next year, enjoy!

Skier: Mike Galdi

Location: Campgaw Mountain, Mahwah NJ

Playtime: 00:03:04



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