2011 Ski Reel.

published Dec 2011 - 595 views

Ski shots from 2011 that are some of my favourites/that are unused. Skiing by: Charlie Lasser, Aidan Sheahan, Nico Defiore, Matt Walker, Sean Jordan. Songs: Happy Home(nujabes remix)- 2pac, Hold On Be Strong(nujabes remix)-2pac See more of my shots in Vital Films 2011 movie "If you want to Fly". Thanks for all the support from: Alec Raffin, Frank Shine, Patagonia, and everyone else over the year! Vitalfilms.com *this is not my cinematography reel*

Credit: Vital, LJC

Skier: Aidan Sheahan

Location: All over

Playtime: 00:06:15

Artist: LjayC

Music: Nujabes



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