TENT Clothing-Shoot in Saas-Fee

published Nov 2011 - 1,126 views

At the end of October 2011 the TENT Clothing Team and the steady productions decided to make a park-shoot in Saas Fee. With the help of the Shapers we managed to organise a shooting over a massiv 18 meter Gap-kicker. Here is the edit we came up with! Enjoy! Riders: Mathieu Hulliger, Alain Jenni, Nick Fehr, Damien Jäger, Carlo Michel, Jonathan Rousselle, Markus Mathis Shot and edited by: Kevin Hauser Playlist: In for the Kill ? La Roux like -> facebook.com/steadyprod suscribe -> vimeo.com/steadyprod Thanks for the support: facebook.com/tiptotail saas-fee.ch/freestyle monsterenergy.com/ch/en/home/ tentclothing.ch

Credit: Shot and edited by: Kevin Hauser

Skier: Mathieu Hulliger, Carlo Michel, Jonathan Rousselle

Location: Saas-Fee

Artist: La Roux

Music: In for the Kill



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