Digital Art Project. Did You Notice It?

published Nov 2011 - 621 views

Did you notice it? Watch the box disappear as I'm about to spin onto it. For my Digital Art 1 class at the College of the Holy Cross, in Worcester, MA, we were asked to create a piece of artwork mimicking the style of a famous artist. I chose to create mine on based on the work of Paul Pfeiffer, specifically his "Caryotid - Lord Stanley's Cup" and "The Long Count" projects. In this video clip, I broke down just over two seconds of film in which I spin across a box into frames and photoshopped the box out. Being shot at 30 fps, this resulted in me removing the box from 65 images, putting them back into video format, and editing it back into the original clip. These 11 seconds of video took me approximately 7 hours to create...LOT of work, but I'm very pleased with the result. Enjoy!

Location: Carinthia

Playtime: 00:00:11

Artist: VTZ

Music: All Good Things



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