Dan Dougherty-COC Make Me a Digger Entry

published Apr 2011 - 11,166 views

I just wanted to submit my edit for the Make Me a Digger Contest and say how stoked I am on this opportunity. I am 19 years old from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We don't get a lot of snow in Pennsylvania so building a good set up takes a lot of work and time. As a result all the features are built from hauling one wheelbarrow of snow at a time from all the driveways in the neighborhood, then pushing, piling, and sculpting by hand into all the features that am constantly dreaming up. It is a constant battle against the weather in Pennsylvania so for the last few years I have been tinkering with home made snow makers which I use to lay a base of snow down as an attempt to extend my skiing though the constant thaws and rains we receive every winter. My friends laugh at me because when they all assume a feature is done I still spend more time making sure everything is perfect both in looks and performance. I went to college this year and I was concerned because I knew for the first time in years I wasn't going to be able to build my backyard park. However I never like taking no as an answer I hate nothing more than giving up on something I am passionate about so I made do with a few features built from scrap wood, metal, and plastic found around campus and set up what I could up on the hill behind my dorm. It's a lot of work but I am as passionate about creating, building, and perfecting features as I am about my skiing. To me, building the perfect feature is almost an art form, just on a very large canvas. I never stop until I am completely done and satisfied with the feature because I really don't think there is anything is more satisfying than finishing a build and being able to walk out my back door, step into my skis, and enjoy the features with my friends that I put hours of work into building. I really like to try to be as creative with my setups as I can, trying to build something that you don't see everyday, which is why I feel that I would mesh really well with the current COC digger crew. It is obvious that you guys do an incredible job summer after summer and I'd love nothing more than to be a part of and to work with you guys this year building the sickest parks in the world. To me it is an incredible opportunity to potentially work with the COC dig crew and I really feel that because of my tireless work ethic, over all love for skiing, and most importantly my passion for building and perfecting every feature I can think up while sitting in endless hours of school, that I would fit in, mesh really well, and be a positive addition to the dig crew of Camp of Champions.

Skier: Dan Dougherty

Location: Pennsylvania

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