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Airtime productions proudly presents their new skimovie, "PÃ¥ Vei.", a film by Andreas Johannessen.

Join Anders Thomassen and the rest of the featured skiers through a whole season presented to the viewers in a whole new way. "PÃ¥ Vei." tells the story of a season thorugh the eyes of Anders Thomassen, showing you a skifilm with a mix of documentary, fiction and action. Witness some really talented up and coming riders, mixed with some of the most promising skiers in Norway! "PÃ¥ Vei." brings you through a season filled with amazing urban-skiing, parkshoots in some beautiful scenery and more!

DIRECTED BY: Andreas Johannessen
PRODUCED BY: Andreas Johannessen, Øystein Bjelland, Anders Thomassen(co-producer)
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Andreas Johannessen, Elias Skrede Kvåle, Ørjan Halvorsen
PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY: Dropp, Mad-Croc Energydrink, Fri Flyt, Eikedalen, Downdays

World Premiere in September 2011(more info coming)

FREE online release in Oktober 2011!(more info coming)

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Credit: Andreas Johannessen, Ørjan Halvorsen, Elias Skred

Skier: Sig Tveit, Halvard Thon, Anders Thomassen, Simen G

Location: Norway



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