GRP destroys Are, Sweden

published Apr 2011 - 2,851 views

Since the competition scene is full of shit these days your fellow guardian of skiing and snowboarding at Spatziba took matters in our own hand with some help from our friends and created the best and most fun comp ever

King von Hill is a three day comp filled with missions of different kinds from tricks to spots to goofs such as form a ”gay-pile” on a member from a competitive team. The approach is very different for different teams. Some try to gather as much points as possible and some try to make the best segment possible. Both gives you a win. Besides that there is three other categories to win, biggest air, best crash and best trannie finder.

This is the second year of this comp but since it turned out so good (and dangerous) we pulled the plug and said that this will be the last year of the comp. With seven people taking the wee wee truck to the hospital and one person charged with fine to the cops (need i say who pressed charges?) people where more then determined to win to say the least.

Location: Are, Sweden



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